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Appalachian Trail-Reflections of Beauty by Michael Zampi Cd

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United States
Michael Zampi
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Jewel Case: Standard
Appalachian Trail-Reflections of Beauty by Michael Zampi
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Relaxation,Easy Listening

About this item

Appalachian Trail-Reflections of Beauty by Michael Zampi audio cd

Michael presents his beautifully composed original instrumental acoustic guitar music. Enjoy this tapestry of new age, classical, jazz, folk music styles - perfect for relaxation, romance, massage, sleeping, holistic healing. Windham Hill style.


Almost like DaVinci - It s humbling to know people like you exist. Almost like DaVinci.
author: Adam Book This music instantly transports me back in time to my teenage years. I can feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my back when I listen to this CD. The songs conjure up beautiful images of the Grand Canyon, which is a most valuable resource for the western states. I highly recommend this CD.
Worth a Thousand Words author: Treasure Camero (singer/songwriter Maryland) The music transports me nostalgically through my happiest memories, calling both the images and emotions to mind. It is internally interactive, yet still tranquil. Without realizing it, I find myself smiling.
Perfect for that morning cup of coffee! author: Janet Griffin, songwriter What beautiful morning music this is! One song flows into the next perfectly complimenting the one that came before. The songs start my day off with a smile. Thanks, Mike, for once again giving beautiful music to the world.
This music is pure magic with the power to create personal serenity author: Joe Spatarella, songwriter Mike has once again created a magical link between music and the soul. This music triggers the mind's eye for a journey of peacefulness and serenity. Incredible! --Brad

To make a long story short. My daughter-in law had a miscarriage yesterday, and I was devastated. I went home and had a glass of wine and played your Cd's. They are beautiful. I will mention how beautiful they are and bring them back up to the office for people to listen too. It helped me thru a very rough time and I appreciate that. Sincerely, Jeannene

My stress goes away with his music author: Jennifer Moreales I live in Fairfax, VA and travel the beltway every day. It takes me as long as two hours with heavy traffic to get home. It is the absolute worst commute on the planet! A friend told me about this CD so I listened to it over and over. I ended up buying a copy for myself and several more for my stressed friends. They love it too. I slip the disc in and suddenly I feel relaxed and I slip away to a very peaceful place. This song writer has struck a chord with me!
This music gives life and peace to our terminally ill author: Dr. Allan Lewis Music gives life to us, especially when dealing with short term, or long term illness. We use Michael Zampi's calming music in our center to help reduce stress in our terminally ill patients. They seem very appreciative of this music.
YES! YES!! YES!!! author: Heidi Guild - Certified Yoga Instructor I love this music for a lot of reasons. I use it during rush hour traffic, and I listen to the warm acoustic sounds before I sleep each night. We use this CD for yoga sessions and relaxation/ visualization sessions with great success. Our clients have bought numerous copies from Michael Zampi's website. They love the peace it gives them during our sessions.
Super Talent author: B B Hartman I listen to a lot of music, and a lot of it gets turned off, but when I happened onto Michael Zampi, my attention was immediately caught and kept while I listened to everything I could find. The depth of his music goes into your core. It's the best music I have heard in many years. --B.B. Hartman

author: C.T. Absolutely fabulous! I felt the tension pouring from my body as I listened - I am in love with your hands, your mind - wow - how blessed are you for being so inpsired and how blessed are we to be able to enjoy and appreciate such beauty
Rich and Soothing - Lets Your Imagination Whisk You Away author: Tim Stevens We have collected and played Michaels's CDs for several years now. My son used to have a hard time winding down at the end of the day. The soothing songs on Michael's Chesapeake Bay CD changed that. All of the Reflections of Beauty series are filled with acoustic imagery that appeals not only to one's ears but also one's soul. The soft harmonies blended with sounds of nature evoke the feeling of a lazy summer morning relaxing over a cup of coffee at a camp site in the woods or a weekend afternoon lounging on the deck of a boat as it drifts down river. I love having his music as a background in our house. It helps strip away the tensions of work deadlines and rush hour traffic and lets me focus my thoughts on enjoying each moment life has to offer.
Guitar player author: HW Loewen I just stumbled across your CD The Rocky Mountains: Reflections of Beauty. I find it to be absolutely stunning. I have also purchased the other two Reflections of Beauty CD's. My question is this. Do you have available to the public your arrangements either in sheet music or guitar tabulature that is available for purchase? This is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.
Guitarist author: Frank Kessler Michael, I'm amazed by your guitar skills and ability to compose such beautiful and artful music. Will you teach me how to play like you?

Simply beautiful music author: Emma L. Nipps Simply beautiful music. Found the Grand Circle CD in Utah - now own two more, thanks to CD Baby. How nice to sit in front of the fireplace and watch the snow come down while listening to magic.

Thanks for creating another Reflections of Beauty!! author: Hali C. Hi Mike! I got your BEAUTIFUL CD and have been listening to it in the car. I start my day with your Chesapeake Bay CD and watch the sunrise & drink my tea. No sunrise this morning! I realized tho, as I've been enjoying your music, I forgot to tell you about it and thank you. The Appalachian Trail is special to me, having lived in VA & WV for so many years. Thanks for creating another Reflections of Beauty! Next! Can you do one for Sedona????? :-) Have a WONDERFUL day!

Great music for my sleepless child author: Stacey Keller - Seattle My son is ADD and he has a terrible time sleeping. A friend of mine told me about this CD and suggested I play it for my son to relax him in the evenings. It has been four weeks of playing it each night when he is in bed. I'm finding that he is falling asleep in a much shorter period of time whereas before he would be very restless. He seems more refreshed and alert in the mornings and sometimes he even wakes up before I wake him.. I strongly recommend this CD for relaxation! I will buy one for myself this week to reduce my stress as well.
Heart-touching author: Lynne Oakes Oh so truly truly lovely! Puts me in a reflective mood, which as a painter, is really where I love to be as I work on my own creations. Thank you for your beautiful spirit-filled work. Continue!

Wonderful and Uplifting Massage Therapy Music author: Melissa Lange I've never heard anything like it. I'm a certified massage therapist and I've been looking for this type of music for many years. I'm thrilled that Michael Zampi has delivered a gorgeous soundscape for me and my patients! --Lynne Oaks


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