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Knight Templar Patch Red & Black

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About this item

"Experience Quality with Our Knight Templar Sew-On Patch: Red & Black Old Time Cross Design – Order Now!"


Explore the beauty, quality, and historical symbol of our Knight Templar Sew-On Patch with a stunning Red & Black Old Time Cross Design through our webstore. The perfect addition to any garment or accessory, this patch resonates nobility, courage, and bravery embedded in the traditional Templar's promise. Experience its seamless blend of history and style as it takes the stage!


Our Knight Templar Sew-On Patch makes an ideal choice for anyone seeking a unique yet robust aesthetic. With its vibrant Red and Black Old Time Cross Design, it stands out as a bold and stylish emblem to complement any fabric item - whether a jacket, a bag, or a hat. The quality craftsmanship is evident in each detail, offering an intricate aesthetic that won't go unnoticed.


From its eye-catching red and black design to its classic old-time cross, you'll have the opportunity to appreciate the attention to detail, making each patch a piece of art, enhancing the look of your garments.


Order your Knight Templar Sew-On Patch today and express your personality in a unique way. The sturdy design and easy application process make it a practical choice for everyday use. Follow along with the video as we demonstrate just how simple it is to add to any fabric piece, thus providing a guide that not only showcases a product but also offers a useful tutorial.


Besides its top-notch design, the materials used to create this distinctive Knight Templar Sew-On Patch ensure a long-lasting life and look. So, whether you're a history buff, a fashion enthusiast, or someone looking for a distinct emblem, the Knight Templar Sew-On Patch is an excellent addition to your collection.


Experience the quality right now with our Knight Templar Sew-On Patch with Red & Black Old Time Cross Design. Join us on this historical and fashionable journey and delve into the fascinating world of Templar symbols. And remember; your opportunity to add a touch of historical elegance to your outfits is just one order away. 


Step into a unique blend of history and fashion with our Knight Templar Sew-On Patch. Make your order today, and let an emblem of bravery and nobility enhance your style. 


Feel the quality, embrace the history, and stand out with our splendid Red & Black Old Time Cross Design Knight Templar Sew-On Patch - Order yours now!



Knight Templar Patch Red & Black


2" X 3.25 "


Suitable for sewing on shirt or vest



The Knights Templar were the elite fighting force of their day, highly trained, well-equipped and highly motivated; one of the tenets of their religious order was that they were forbidden from retreating in battle, unless outnumbered three to one, and even then only by order of their commander, or if the Templar flag went down. Not all Knights Templar were warriors. The mission of most of the members was one of support – to acquire resources which could be used to fund and equip the small percentage of members who were fighting on the front lines. There were actually three classes within the orders. The highest class was the knight. When a candidate was sworn into the order, the made the knight a monk. They wore white robes. The knights could hold no property and receive no private letters. He could not be married or betrothed and cannot have any vow in any other Order. He could not have debt more than he could pay, and no infirmities. The Templar priest class was similar to the modern day military chaplain. Wearing green robes, they conducted religious services, led prayers, and were assigned record keeping and letter writing.