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Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace

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Knights templar angel wings warrior necklace  large
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Country/Region of Manufacture
Stainless Steel
Base Metal
Multi-Tone Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Modification Description
California Prop 65 Warning
Knight Templer Warrior
Stainless Steel
Metal Purity
Pendant Shape
Winged Warrior
Locket Type
Main Stone
No Stone
Gemstone Type
No Gem
Gemstone Color
No Gem
Gemstone Shape
No Gem
Main Stone Creation
No Stone
Secondary Stone
No Stone
Karat Content
No Karat
Gemstone Size
No Gems
Gemstone Treatment
No Gem
Main Stone Treatment
No Stone

About this item

 Secure Your Exclusive Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace Now | Order Today 


Welcome to our exclusive showcase featuring one of our top choices for a statement jewelry piece – the Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace. As a great necklace product characterized by impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail, this treasured item is designed to impress. 


Our webstore offers this necklace, revealing its subtle details and showcasing its grandeur. Whether you are a Knights Templar enthusiast, a history lover or a fashion-forward individual, this piece of jewellery will definitely captivate you.


Our greatest asset is our commitment to delivering top-of-the-line quality. Each Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace is designed to last. 


However, our Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace is not just a mere accessory, it embodies a spirit of valor and symbolizes a rich history associated with the Templar Knights. The angel wings represent protection, purity, courage, love affinity, while the warrior aspect signifies power, determination and honor. Wearing it not only makes a bold aesthetic statement but also allows you to carry a piece of cherished history.


Place your order now and connect with the mysterious and heroic figures of the past!  Enjoy quick, secure delivery, straight to your doorstep.


The symbolic significances of this remarkable Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace. Get ready to fall in love with the unique design, its spiritual aspect, and the iconic history that it represents.


Remember, the Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace is more than just jewelry – it's an extraordinary blend of history, craft, culture, and fashion. Order Your Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace today and make a statement that's both stylish and profound. Follow our website for more premium quality products and engaging content.


Hurry, limited stock available! Grab yours now, and awaking the warrior within, with our Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace.



Knights Templar Angel Wings Warrior Necklace



A very nice and well made  stainless steel warrior with sword and angel wings



Necklace comes  with chain and box.



Measures 1.75 inches in height.



This is a very eye catching piece of jewelry that really stands out



"These are awsome "