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Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie - White Cross on Red Templar Under

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  • Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie -  White Cross on Red Templar Under image 1
  • Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie -  White Cross on Red Templar Under image 2
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Knights Templar
Country/Region of Manufacture
Stainless Steel
Base Metal
Multi-Tone Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Modification Description
Pendant Shape
Locket Type
Karat Content
No Karet
Main Stone
No Stone
Gemstone Type
No Gem
Gemstone Color
No Gem
Stainless Steel
Gemstone Shape
No Gem
Main Stone Creation
No Stone
Secondary Stone
No Stone
Gemstone Size
No Gems
Gemstone Treatment
No Gem
Main Stone Treatment
No Stone
Metal Purity

About this item

 "Buy Now: Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie - Featuring White Cross on Red Templar"


Discover the charm of renowned craftsmanship with our latest Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie. Accentuated by a stunning White Cross on Red Templar. Seal your noble status with an explicit show of medieval camaraderie. 


Are you a fan of the Knights Templar, an enthusiast of medieval history, or a lover of uniquely striking accessories? Do you want to join the elite group of individuals owning a piece of antiquated elegance? Look no more. Our webstore showcases an elegantly designed Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie that promises to add a historical touch to your attire. 


Our Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie is a magnificent piece of accessory featuring a beautifully crafted White Cross on a Red Templar backdrop. This iconography embodies the undying spirit and valor of the Middle Age's most formidable warrior monks. Experience the allure of chivalric valor encased in beautiful craftsmanship – designed to leave a lasting impression. 


Purchasing this unique Necklace Tie isn't just about owning a piece of jewelry; it's about being part of a symbol of an enduring legacy. With just a click, you can order your Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie and join the noble crusaders' brotherhood. 


Our website gives you a comprehensive view of this exclusive Necklace Tie, its intricate detailing, and the inherent symbolism it carries. You'll also get a virtual experience of how it will look when you wear it and the statement it's bound to make. 


Walk through history and feel the Knights Templar's determination, courage, and bravery with this unique accessory. Experience the blend of history and fashion that the Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie encapsulates. Enhance your wardrobe and bring a noble touch to your attire as you drape this stunning piece around your neck.


Order your elegant Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie today and immerse yourself in a rich legacy. Stay tuned to our website for more featured accessories and updates.


Remember, the Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie – Featuring White Cross on Red Templar is just a click away from becoming yours. Be the noble crusader. Order today!


Whether it's a gift or a personal treasure, our Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie symbolizes an era of valiant warriors and noble cause. Make it part of your collection today. 




Knights Templar Bolo Necklace Tie



These fantastic bolo ties will look good on any occasion.



A great way to show who you are and what you believe.



For both members of the Knights Templar and their supporters.



Shipped in gift box from United States



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